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How to clean the rubber cap on Cienta's canvas sneakers

March 12, 2020

During the mid season, rubber toe-capped sneakers are one of the most versatile types of children's shoes to wear outside school. Cienta's toe-capped 100% cotton plimsole is not only a fashionable shoe but its design is ideal because it protects the toes. 

At times, however, the white of the rubber may get a mark or turns darker. Here's how you can easily revive and remove stains from that area: 


For a maintenance cleaning there is a quick and easy home solution. Mix 1/4 quarter cup of laundry detergent with 2 cups of lukewarm water. With a cotton cloth clean the stains by gently rubbing with the previously prepared mixture. If there are traces of sand or soil it's best to use a toothbrush instead. This way you'll be able to clean the joints in more detail. To dry them we recommend that you let them air dry. They will look like they have just been purchased!


For the most stubborn stains such as oil or food stains we recommend different types of solutions:

  • Eraser: a solution for black marks 
  • Bicarbonate: with a toothbrush rub the stains, let them dry and then remove the remains with a damp cloth
  • Nail polish remover or cleaning alcohol: especially indicated for pen stains
  • Toothpaste: this solution is used for different types of stains. Apply the paste on the toe cap and on the rubber sole and let dry. Then remove the paste with water and that's it!

We hope that these homemade shoe cleaning tips will help you keep your boys and girls' sneakers flawless. You can also use them to clean our Mary Jane's and the outer sole of any of our shoes.

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Size Guide


Size Guide

Cienta children's shoes are available in toddler and junior European (EU) sizes for boys and girls, approximately aged between 2 and 10 years, and adult sizes.

The table below shows the approximate inner sole length for each Cienta shoes size (EU size). The middle column refers to our canvas shoes and the right column to our espadrilles. For greater accuracy, however, we recommend the customer follow these steps:

  1. Measure the child's foot from the back of the heel to the longest toe on the longest foot, in centimetres (cm);

  2. Select type and shoe size by comparing the foot length with the inner sole length below;

  3. Choose the larger size if the child's foot measures between two sizes.

Cienta - toddler/junior/adult shoes - approximate size guide
18 11.0 cm N/A
19 11.5 cm N/A
20 12.4 cm N/A
21 13.0 cm N/A
22 13.6 cm N/A
23 14.3 cm N/A
24 15.0 cm 14.8 cm
25 15.2 cm 15.0 cm
26 15.8 cm 15.9 cm
27 16.9 cm 16.9 cm
28 17.2 cm 17.5 cm
29 17.9 cm 17.9 cm
30 18.6 cm 18.7 cm
31 19.2 cm 19.7 cm
32 19.8 cm 20.3 cm
33 20.4 cm 21.3 cm
34 21.2 cm 21.6 cm
35 21.9 cm N/A
36 22.0 cm N/A

CIENTA Adults Size Guide

   37    22.7 cm   N/A  
38 23.4 cm   N/A 
39 24.0 cm  N/A
40 24.6 cm  N/A
41 25.4 cm  N/A

The correct shoes size will depend on factors such as arch length, socks, or ambient temperature. Heat and humidity affect the foot volume by up to 5%. This can result in a full size difference between early morning and evening. 

PLEASE NOTE: While we try to provide accurate size conversions, the information in this table should be used as a guide only.

Download a copy of the Size Guide.