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About us


About Cienta

A passion for children's shoes

Established in 1982 in Spain, specialised children’s shoe maker Cienta is one of the world leaders in the manufacturing of high quality, comfortable cotton canvas shoes for toddlers, young girls and boys and women's plimsoles.

With over 35 years experience in the production of canvas shoes with vulcanised rubber sole and espadrilles specifically designed for developing feet, Cienta is able to combine timeless style with healthy steps for your little ones.

Its specialty for spring-summer are cute espadrilles for girls available with a tie up ribbon or sliding clip-on strap, and a supremely comfortable cotton canvas range of shoes for boys and girls either as plimsoles, lace ups or Mary Janes with Velcro strap.

Its specialty for winter are warm wool slippers and fine boots.

Only natural material

Only the finest cotton, wool, linen and rubber are used to guarantee freshness in summer, warmth during winter, and comfort all-year round.

All summer shoes are made of a 100% cotton upper and lining including an inner sole to guarantee freshness. The shoes are graceful, durable, breathable and flexible enough to conform to the natural movement of toddlers' and children’s feet.

The vulcanisation process of the rubber sole ensures good grip on various surfaces and provides superior elasticity. This allows for great bending when needed and at the same time reverts to its original shape when the stress is released.

Cienta shoes are exported worldwide and are being introduced in Australia for the first time.

Superior Quality. Ethically made. Respectful of the environment.

Cienta holds the ISO 9001 quality management and the ISO 14001 environmental management system certifications for the design, manufacturing and commercialisation of children's footwear.

These certifications are issued to businesses which comply with the stringent European regulatory standards and laws in terms of best management practices, environmental sustainability, and respect of the universal right of workers.

All materials used in the shoe production are natural such as cotton and rubber making the shoes lightweight and breathable. Each shoe is further enhanced with an in-sole padding for cushioning and for the absorption of moisture. The insole can be easily removed and replaced if necessary thus offering a higher level of hygiene if necessary.

Cienta's new shoe boxes are made of recycled cardboard making sure that it's contributing towards a cleaner environment while at the same time delivering a high quality product for your children's growing feet.

Size Guide


Size Guide

Cienta children's shoes are available in toddler and junior European (EU) sizes for boys and girls, approximately aged between 2 and 10 years, and adult sizes.

The table below shows the approximate inner sole length for each Cienta shoes size (EU size). The middle column refers to our canvas shoes and the right column to our espadrilles. For greater accuracy, however, we recommend the customer follow these steps:

  1. Measure the child's foot from the back of the heel to the longest toe on the longest foot, in centimetres (cm);

  2. Select type and shoe size by comparing the foot length with the inner sole length below;

  3. Choose the larger size if the child's foot measures between two sizes.

Cienta - toddler/junior/adult shoes - approximate size guide
18 11.0 cm N/A
19 11.5 cm N/A
20 12.4 cm N/A
21 13.0 cm N/A
22 13.6 cm N/A
23 14.3 cm N/A
24 15.0 cm 14.8 cm
25 15.2 cm 15.0 cm
26 15.8 cm 15.9 cm
27 16.9 cm 16.9 cm
28 17.2 cm 17.5 cm
29 17.9 cm 17.9 cm
30 18.6 cm 18.7 cm
31 19.2 cm 19.7 cm
32 19.8 cm 20.3 cm
33 20.4 cm 21.3 cm
34 21.2 cm 21.6 cm
35 21.9 cm N/A
36 22.0 cm N/A

CIENTA Adults Size Guide

   37    22.7 cm   N/A  
38 23.4 cm   N/A 
39 24.0 cm  N/A
40 24.6 cm  N/A
41 25.4 cm  N/A

The correct shoes size will depend on factors such as arch length, socks, or ambient temperature. Heat and humidity affect the foot volume by up to 5%. This can result in a full size difference between early morning and evening. 

PLEASE NOTE: While we try to provide accurate size conversions, the information in this table should be used as a guide only.

Download a copy of the Size Guide.

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