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With passion and expertise for producing high quality canvas shoes for developing feet, Cienta has been making charming and supremely comfortable 100% cotton fabric classic footwear for toddlers, boys and girls, and a select range of plimsolls for women.

The boys' shoe collection is perfect for travel, the playground or as an everyday shoe. They come in a Velcro strap, slip on, or classic lace style or t-bar for toddlers. They are easy to put on and keep on. The vulcanised rubber sole makes all shoes ideal on rough, wet or smooth surfaces. Cienta's European boys shoes are ideal for the Australian climate. Perfect for boys aged between 2 and 10 years. Watch them become his new favourites.

The girls and toddler girls collections of plimsolls, Mary Jane's, espadrilles and t-bars are adorable and supremely comfortable.They stay securely fastened on the foot thanks to the adjustable Velcro or sliding clip on strap. The flexible rubber sole makes all shoes ideal on all surfaces. The breathable padded insole can be removed and washed if necessary and ensures optimal comfort. Ideal for the Australian summer and mid seasons, these pretty little girls canvas shoes are for girls aged between 2 and 10 years. 

The women's sizes range from size 37 to 41. They come in a variety of colours in a plimsoll style and are made with the same passion and quality. There is the cool new vintage look of the canvas slip-ons created by the embroidered cotton fabric design and its particular soft tones. They are incredibly comfortable and easy to put on. Great for everyday wear. Fantastic with jeans or spring dresses. A modern vintage look.


Size Guide


Size Guide

Cienta children's shoes are available in toddler and junior European (EU) sizes for boys and girls, approximately aged between 2 and 10 years, and adult sizes.

The table below shows the approximate inner sole length for each Cienta shoes size (EU size). The middle column refers to our canvas shoes and the right column to our espadrilles. For greater accuracy, however, we recommend the customer follow these steps:

  1. Measure the child's foot from the back of the heel to the longest toe on the longest foot, in centimetres (cm);

  2. Select type and shoe size by comparing the foot length with the inner sole length below;

  3. Choose the larger size if the child's foot measures between two sizes.

Cienta - toddler/junior/adult shoes - approximate size guide
18 11.0 cm N/A
19 11.5 cm N/A
20 12.4 cm N/A
21 13.0 cm N/A
22 13.6 cm N/A
23 14.3 cm N/A
24 15.0 cm 14.8 cm
25 15.2 cm 15.0 cm
26 15.8 cm 15.9 cm
27 16.9 cm 16.9 cm
28 17.2 cm 17.5 cm
29 17.9 cm 17.9 cm
30 18.6 cm 18.7 cm
31 19.2 cm 19.7 cm
32 19.8 cm 20.3 cm
33 20.4 cm 21.3 cm
34 21.2 cm 21.6 cm
35 21.9 cm N/A
36 22.0 cm N/A

CIENTA Adults Size Guide

   37    22.7 cm   N/A  
38 23.4 cm   N/A 
39 24.0 cm  N/A
40 24.6 cm  N/A
41 25.4 cm  N/A

The correct shoes size will depend on factors such as arch length, socks, or ambient temperature. Heat and humidity affect the foot volume by up to 5%. This can result in a full size difference between early morning and evening. 

PLEASE NOTE: While we try to provide accurate size conversions, the information in this table should be used as a guide only.

Download a copy of the Size Guide.